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J ROBO 1 Educational Robot

J ROBO 1 Educational Robot

SKU: 364215376135191

J ROBO 1 Educational Kit


Used by 900+ Schools Globally


Age Target 7-17


Matches Texas TEKS for Robotics - STEM


Builds 4 Structures


Builds 8+ Robots


Manual is Primarily Picture Driven.


Teachers can set one week per robot


    150 Plus pieces, Including;


    Battery packs

    Built-in Sensor Remote Control

    Additional Sensor Infra-Red (IR)

    Two(2) motors

    Manual illustrated and with pictures

    - Video Links in the future. 

    Can MAP to State School Curriculum and Standards


    Products can be returned within 14 days, if all pieces are there, the box is in good condition ( Structurally sound and no writing on the box ).

    Payment must have been processed successfully, and the client is responsible for all shipping.


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